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Aim and Objectives

  • To conduct Social, Cultural and religious programmes based of Sambalpuri/Koshli culture and traditions

  • To promote and impart Sambalpur/Koshli lifestyle both in a formal and non-formal manner

  • To establish and administer Social, Cultural, Religious and Spiritual activities, Educational Institutions, Training centers, Hostels, Hospitals, Dispensaries, Orphanages.

  • To promote study of physical, social and human sciences and spread of scientific knowledge among the people.

  • To promote among the people concern for protection of human rights and for establishing a healthy, human environment based on equality and brotherhood of all people.

  • To conduct seminars, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, researches, sports and games and other such activities for promoting human rights, social awareness and community development.

  • To develop social awareness and leadership skills among the people especially the youth through seminars, workshops, and other training programs for promotion of a just and equitable social order.

  • To accept any donation, contribution, grant or subscription in cash or in kind from any person, body of persons or Trust.

  • To provide material relief and assistance to the destitute, the poor and the needy.

  • To assist, support and promote other individual groups, and organizations that are engaged in social, cultural, education, and in works of charity aimed at social welfare and community development.

  • To recruit, admit, educate and provide training to persons who are committed to promote and carry out the charitable purposes of the Trust.

  • To do all such acts, deeds and things which is in the opinion of the Trustees in the in the of the Trust that may be ancillary, incidental, conducive, or necessary for the promotion and carrying out the purposes of the Trust by saving the cultural heritage of Sambalpuri.
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