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Welcome to Juhar Parivar, Delhi.

We are a group of people with clear hearts to work for our cultural, social and economic identity. We believe in a system of collective decision making and voluntary distribution of responsibilities, where everyone can be treated as equal. We believing in lobbying, litigating, using press, generate public opinion etc. to safeguard the interest of our people and our region. Juhar believe in collaborating and adopting the concept of cohesive group helping each other to achieve a common goal. We do not believe in competition rather we believe to improve our activities every year. We call ourselves as Juhar Parivar as we have cultivated the culture of a family, togetherness in our organization. Now the family has not grown in numbers, but also in foot-prints. Our vision is to develop the language of our region (Sambalpur/Kosli), taking our culture and festival to all around the globe and bringing awareness among people on the celebration of all cultural festival like Nuakhai and Phuspuni. In the coming years is looking forward to celebrate all the festivals of our region and continue with its social activities not limited to supporting the poor, taking of plantation, taking of scribing activities and conducting blood donations camp.

JUHAR - Why our organisation named so?

The organization have been named as Juhar as people of Western Odisha region, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand greet each other as Juhar. Diversity in faiths, believers and political ideology is prevailing in the region yet everyone greets other saying "Juhar". So, the name of the organization became "Juhar". The family has not only grown in numbers but also in foot-prints and also celebrates other cultural festival like Nuakhai and Phuspuni. Now one can trace its foot-prints in Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai and different parts of Odisha, promoting Kosli culture and traditions and endeavoring for the development of our region in different levels.

Our logo stands for the union of two hands (male and female) to convey our regards and love for others that our culture believes, and is our base to build a healthy and prosper society.

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